Custom Made

If you are building or renovating your infinity pool, Modulartem can create customised grids for you, with your favourite material. Modulartem is the
only company able to satisfy you in this service. Whatever material you choose as a coating for your infinity pool, tell us your favorite grid format, we will take care of everything, realizing for you your special customised grills, with your favourite coating, moreover we are able to guarantee the bonding for 36 months! How to do it is simple:contact us and you will immediately receive support from one of our specialized technicians, who will guide you step by step until you get your own customised grid that no one could offer you before. Only with us will you be able to get a unique environment in the world coordinated at 360 ° Find out how you can also customise our innovative shower trays using the same grids as your pool thanks to Modulartem!

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