Floorings and Special Pieces

Modulartem has also specialized in flooring and special pieces, ANTI-SLIP certified and suitable for swimming pool environments, both for the indoors and outdoors.

Modulartem is able to offer only the best on the market, thus guaranteeing our customers the highest quality and maximum performance.

All our floors are also available and compatible with our beautiful grids.

Modulartem also has a wide range of special pieces, customizable according to the aesthetic and performance needs of our customers.

All special pieces are suitable for the swimming pool environment and are available in different collections of materials.

Bordo Toro
Bordo Toro 2cm
Materiali disponibili: Gres
Terminale L
Terminale ad “L”
Materiali disponibili: Gres
Frangionda becco di civetta
Materiali disponibili: Gres
Bordo Aggrappo
Materiali disponibili: Gres
Gres - Meta
Gres - Minimal
Gres - Stone
Gres - Wood
Gres - Exotic
Gres - Felix
Cotto Fiorentino